I’m sorry but if you hate on Katara for some reason, you at least have to admit

She is a fucking good waterbender

listen here. Katara is not just a good water bender, she is a fucking master. at 14. not only that, she went from haveing only a loose control her abilities to fucking showing down an actual teacher of the art form in a year or less.

not to mention just the amount of growth and development of her character in Book one alone is astronomical. 

not only that but she isnt just a fighter, shes one of the BEST healers that has EVER been seen in the water tribe. her abilities are amazing and at the beginning of the series, she couldnt even keep hold of a fish.

i think its says a lot about people with undeveloped potential.

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Things Tumblr users need to stop romanticising:

  • smoking
  • taking pictures of strangers without permission
  • fleeting eye contact
  • using too much soap
  • Soviet Russia
  • the feeling of drying off with a damp towel
  • the sound of a roomful of people simultaneously coughing
  • this weird rock I found at the bottom of my garden
  • the yawning void of empty space that exists beneath every McDonalds parking lot
  • owls